Elect Genevra Walters – a leader for a united & prosperous community


Join the Campaign: Elect New Leadership for the 79th District with Dr. Genevra Walters

Become an integral part of a movement that’s reshaping the future of Illinois’ 79th District. We invite you to join Dr. Genevra Walters’ campaign, a journey dedicated to bringing transformative change and new leadership to our community. Dr. Walters, a visionary educator and leader with over 31 years of experience, is committed to creating a stronger, more inclusive district where every voice is heard and every need is met.

By volunteering with us, you’re not just supporting a campaign; you’re championing a cause. Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or new to political activism, your contribution is invaluable. Our volunteers are the heart of our campaign, helping with everything from community outreach and event organizing to digital advocacy and voter engagement. Your skills, time, and passion can make a significant impact.

Why Your Volunteering Matters

Your involvement as a volunteer is more than just a helping hand; it’s a powerful statement of your commitment to your community. Volunteers are crucial in spreading Dr. Walters’ message, engaging with the community, and building a strong, united support base. Your participation brings us one step closer to electing a leader who truly represents the values and needs of the 79th District. By volunteering, you help create a ripple effect of positive change, influencing policies and initiatives that will shape the future of our district. Join us in this exciting journey to elect Dr. Genevra Walters, and together, let’s build a brighter future for the 79th District.