Elect Genevra Walters – a leader for a united & prosperous community

Dr. Walters Launches Campaign with Strong Support

Kankakee, IL – Dr. Genervra Walters, renowned for her impactful tenure as a Superintendent overseeing a district of nearly 5,000 students and an $80 million budget, has made a significant entry into the political arena. Recently retired and honored as the 2024 Illinois Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Walters has now set her sights on representing the 79th District in Illinois as a State Representative. In a testament to her community’s support, her campaign has collected approximately 1,200 signatures, far exceeding the 500 required for candidacy in the Democratic primary scheduled for March 19, 2024.

A native of Kankakee, Dr. Walters’ story is one deeply interwoven with the community she aspires to serve. Born and raised in Kankakee, she has not only spent her life in the district but also raised her own children here, fostering a profound and personal understanding of the area’s needs and potential. Her experience as a long-time Superintendent, collaborating with other schools and leading a vast team of educators, has given her an intimate insight into the district’s educational, social, and economic fabric. This lifelong connection with Kankakee and the 79th District at large has been a driving force behind her decision to run for office, armed with a deep-seated knowledge and a vision nurtured by years of dedicated service.

Dr. Walters’ campaign, fueled by a groundswell of grassroots enthusiasm, saw an overwhelming response from the community. Countless volunteers, drawn from various walks of life, came together to support her candidacy, reflecting the deep respect and admiration she has garnered over her years of service in education. These volunteers played a crucial role in not just gathering signatures but also in sparking conversations about the future of the 79th District.

Speaking on her decision to run, Dr. Walters emphasized her commitment to the community that she has served for years. “My journey in education has always been about uplifting and empowering our community. Running for State Representative is a continuation of that commitment, to ensure that our district’s voice is heard and our needs are addressed,” she said.

Her campaign strategy, rooted in engaging directly with the residents of Kankakee, Will, Cook, and Grundy counties, has been a reflection of her belief in participatory democracy. The strong show of support in her petition campaign is not just a political milestone but a clear indicator of her deep connection with the people she aims to represent.

As Dr. Walters transitions from an educational leader to a political candidate, her campaign has already begun to set a new standard for community involvement and engagement in the political process. Her vision for the 79th District, combined with her proven track record of leadership and service, positions her as a formidable candidate in the upcoming elections.