Elect Genevra Walters – a leader for a united & prosperous community

About the Dr. Walters

Meet Dr. Genevra Walters

Dr. Genevra A. Walters: A devoted educator and leader who tirelessly advocate and will work for all of the people of Illinois’ 79th District.

Superintendent Kankakee School Dist. 111

Doctor of Education, Illinois State University

Author and International Educational Speaker

School Principal in Kankakee District

“Dr. Genevra Walters has made significant contributions to the Illinois community through her vision of creating inclusive policies, procedures, and systems. With over 31 years in education, she is deeply committed to nurturing lifelong learners. Her academic achievements include a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an educational doctorate from Illinois State University, focusing on teacher education and research.

Her career began in the Kankakee School District 111 as a School Social Worker, followed by roles as an assistant principal at Kankakee High School and principal at Mark Twain Elementary School. In 2001, she moved to the SPEED Special Education School District #802, serving first as the Human Resource Director and then as Superintendent from January 2008.

A prominent figure at various educational conferences, she presented at the China-US Conference on Educating Students with Special Needs in Beijing in 2004, discussing “Building Collaborative Relationships with Families.” This experience enriched her understanding of diversity and strengthened her commitment to community development.

As a co-author of “What Works for Special Education and At-Risk Learners: A Framework for General Education Teachers and Administrators,” she has contributed significantly to improving education quality for all students.

Beginning her tenure as the Superintendent of Kankakee School District 111 on May 30, 2014, she has played a pivotal role in the educational development of the Kankakee community. Though she is set to retire on June 30, 2024, her dedication to service and change will undoubtedly continue to influence the community for many years