Elect Genevra Walters – a leader for a united & prosperous community

Visionary, Educator & Leader

Empowering Our Community for a Brighter Future

Join Dr. Walters Campaign to help us have a more responsive and inclusive district. Your involvement will bring us closer to a community where everyone thrives together.

Our campaign’s


“ I encourage you to give Dr. Walters your full consideration – and your vote – when making a decision in the upcoming Democratic primary election on March 19th. Go vote and make sure your voice is heard. ”

Jim Rowe

Kankakee County State's Attorney

“ Please join me in voting for Dr. Genevra Walters as the Democratic Candidate for the Representative for the 79th Legislative District of Illinois. Her vision, dedication, and leadership are what we need in Springfield. ”

John Shea Coghlan

Attorney at Law

“ There is no democrat in the race who can measure up to her competency level, approachability and compassion for others. Her ability to manage a district with over $100 Mil. dollars in its budget for as long as she did, and make the improvements she did as a school supt., is just awe inspiring,”

South Suburban News

Michael Taylor - Taylor Media

Our Pillars

Strengthening Our Community’s Foundations

Dedicated to fostering opportunities, education, and economic growth, Dr. Walters aims to empower our diverse community for a sustainable future.


Dr. Genevra Walters’ leadership is committed to expanding opportunities for all residents and voters


Dr. Walters leverages her rich experience in educational leadership to enhance education quality


Dr. Walters manages an $80M budget to fuel district’s economic growth and sustainability.

Voted 2024 Illinois Superintendent of the Year

by the Illinois Association of School Administrators

Little About Me

A Leader Shaping Our Community’s Future

Born and raised in Kankakee, my dedication to education and community leadership stems from a lifelong commitment to our district’s growth and prosperity.

Superintendent of Kankakee School District

Leading a district of 5,000 students, fostering educational excellence and opportunity.

Educational Background in Social Work

From University of Illinois to Illinois State, a journey rooted in educational empowerment.

Passionate Educator and Administrator

Emphasizing equitable education, managing and innovating for a diverse student body.

Proven Financial Stewardship

Overseeing an $80 million budget, ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth.

Latest News

Stay updated with Dr. Walters’ campaign progress and her vision for representing Illinois’ 79th district, where every citizen’s voice shapes our future.

Why Vote for Us

Championing Positive Change for Our Community

Dr. Walters’ campaign is rooted in her commitment to creating a future where every resident of our district thrives through education, opportunity, and economic growth.

Dedicated & Authentic

Dr. Walters, a Kankakee native, leads with a dedication born of genuine care for her community, prioritizing its growth and well-being.

Strategically Insightful

With her extensive experience in education and budget management, Dr. Walters brings insightful strategies for district-wide advancement.

Visionary Leadership

Her leadership style is proactive and visionary, focusing on long-term solutions for the diverse needs of our community.

Our Campaign Principles

Building a United and Prosperous Community Together

Dr. Walters’ campaign is grounded in principles that reflect her dedication to enhancing the lives of every citizen in our district through inclusive and effective leadership.

Sustainable Economic Growth

Focusing on sustainable strategies to boost our local economy and support businesses.

Infrastructure Development

Commited to prioritizing improvements in infrastructure for a safer, more connected community.

Employment Opportunities

Focusing on creating job opportunities & addressing unemployment  innovative solutions.


Committed to maintaining the core of our democracy’s and safeguarding every individual’s right to vote.

Embracing Diversity

Celebrating and utlizing our all of our communities diverse strengths for a richer and better society.

Equality for All

Dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for all people in our commnuties.